At Facelogic Highland Park, we offer a variety of facial services that are safe during pregnancy. These include enhanced physical exfoliations such as: microdermabrasion, dermaplane, and dermafile. Additionally, extraction services are considered safe, but may be a bit more painful than usual given that the body is overall more sensitive during pregnancy.

Generally, it is recommended that chemical peels are to be avoided during pregnancy. However, both Image and Eminence Organic skincare carry pregnancy approved peels that are safe for your sensitive skin. Image skincare offers an Ormedic lift enzyme peel that is a great choice when expecting! In fact, their whole Ormedic line is pregnancy friendly! And, almost everything from Eminence Organic is pregnancy and nursing friendly.

Finally, High Frequency Therapy and Microneedling are not safe during pregnancy, and will have to wait until your new arrival makes their grand debut.

Always check with your doctor before having any spa services or facial treatments. The above information is based on general recommendations but circumstances may vary.

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